Part Time Jobs in the Healthcare Industry Continue to Rise
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Part Time Jobs in the Healthcare Industry Continue to Rise

When senior citizens become the major bulk of the population, every industry will need to change gears. As a result, part time employment in healthcare fields will be on the rise for several years to come.

If you have acquired training in any of the healthcare professions, your employment is pretty much guaranteed. As the largest segment of the current population, the baby boomers, is entering into their senior years, a demand will be put on the healthcare industry to provide needed geriatric services. Those that have not been employed lately will find that nursing homes and assisted living facilities will very often hire part time health professionals without requiring brush up education. This is good news for those needing extra income due to the economy even though they have not been part of the workforce in some time.  

In areas where skilled nursing care is in demand, bonuses are being offered in exchange for contract employment. Travel expenses and living arrangements are being offered as incentive in some areas like Cape Cod and the Islands. Several are even willing to foot the bill for any courses or inhouse training needed to upgrade skills. Hospitals are doing this. It can be worthwhile to check in your area if you qualify.

Those entering the job scene would be wise to consider healthcare profession training as a backup to your chosen career in case of future economic uncertainty. Even part time, the industry pays well. When you are young is the time to prepare for the future. Having a backup plan will never go to waste. No matter your chosen profession, a knowledge of elderly patient care and needs will serve you well. As examples:

  • Those in the construction industry will see a sharp increase in the need for elderly housing. Modifications to existing homes to accommodate elderly owners will give independent contractors a new area of expertise.
  • Accountants, financial, and estate planners should look to handling senior needs now so they won't be left in the dust.
  • Manufacturers will do well to modify products for easier use by senior citizens. Food manufactures will be needed to modify ingredients according to the nutritional needs of the senior population.

As you can see, with a majority of the population becoming senior citizens, focus will be in this area. It will affect every industry just as computers began impacted business and society back in the 1980s. Those that had the foresight to include computer training had an edge over those that didn't.

Future trends in healthcare will focus on preventative medicine and at home biotechnology. Pharmaceutical companies will begin splitting into specific niche medicine as medicating patients will become individually oriented. Home care will be achieved more efficiently through monitoring devices transmitting data directly to healthcare facilities. More home care workers and private nurses aides will stretch the availability of the shrinking doctor pool. Part time work in any field of healthcare will be available for many years to come taking care of the baby boomer senior generation.



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