Jobs for Kids
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Jobs for Kids

A little bit of money can serve as a motivating factor to get children do some work and earn extra allowance.

There are some kids who, at the very young age, want to earn extra money. They have their own wants and needs that they strongly desire to buy or spend the money to whatever they want that can satisfy them as kids or make them happy. It could be that they want to earn and save for a new skateboard, a new video game, a new tennis shoes or simply spend the money hanging out with friends and watch a movie. Or on a parent’s point of view, they just simply want to teach their children take some responsibility and feel the satisfaction of what it means to be paid for a well done job. Whatever motivates both the parents and the kids, there are several easy to do jobs for kids that pays.

• Household Chores

There are so many household works that parents may delegate to their children and it wouldn’t hurt paying them for even just a small amount to motivate them. Also, your neighbors may also need the services of your kids for doing simple and temporary household chores for them. Some indoor tasks that your kids can do include polishing silverwares, washing the dishes, arranging bookshelves in alphabetical order, washing and cleaning the windows, dusting the house, cleaning carpets, painting a room and vacuuming.

• Daily Tasks

Kids can help with other daily tasks that a parent usually do all by herself. It is nice to ask older children to babysit their younger brothers or sisters, help with dinner by setting the table, bathing pets, walking the dog or buying groceries.

• Yard Work

Most often, children are just wasting their time sitting in front of the television for hours. By letting them do yard works, they will be able to get some exercise at the same time. With little money motivation, you can ask them to rake the leaves, shovel snows, clean the pool, pick-up branches and leaves and mow the yard. But you have to keep in mind also that they are only children, so assign them task that they can handle safely.

• Small Business

There are some independent children who want more excitement and actions in their money-making ventures. They can engage in small business like putting up a lemonade stand, bake and sell cakes, brownies, cookies and run a garage sale. Believe it or not, they are still children and would still need the support, help and assistance of parents.

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guiding children on seeking and completing jobs is good training on money management and responsibility indeed.