Clever Methods for Teens to Make Money
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Clever Methods for Teens to Make Money

The reader will be enlightened to a whole list of ideas and different methods to make money. People who aren't old enough to be legally hired will get ideas on how to make money. Even people who are just looking for more ways to make money will find multiple great ways to make that money.

If you're just like everyone else on this planet, you're searching for different ways to make money. However, if you're just in highschool, or even middleschool, it's alot more difficult for you to find work. People aren't hiring as much these days, and if you aren't sixteen, you probably won't be hired by a business at all. So how can you make money? What can you do to find a job, even if you aren't sixteen yet?

     Of course, there is the mainstream idea of mowing lawns. You can talk to your neighbors and set up a deal to mow their lawn for ten or fifteen bucks. But most people live in a neighborhood. With lots of neighbors, there are plenty of clients out there you could be supplying services to. Make a flyer, with your name, phone number, and prices, and distribute it throughout the neighborhood. You could leave flyers in mailboxes, but going up to the door and speaking with the person ensures that the person knows of your business and knows what kind of person you are. Most likely, they will respect the fact that you introduce yourself and are willing to speak face to face about business.

    Lots of people own pets, and many of those pets are dogs. Some people are too busy sometimes, and will pay you to walk their dog. Again, go with the flyer format, and distribute it around the neighborhood to people who you know have dogs. Express your love of dogs and remember to be extra friendly, and relay the fact that you are responsible. You can also offer the services of pet grooming, if you are able to do so.

     Babysitting is always a good way to make some money as a teenager. But you can also take first aid courses at local hospitals, and get CPR certified. These will greatly increase the chances of someone hiring you to watch their kids.

     A good way to go about things locally is through the use of a flyer. Put all the services you are offering on a single flyer, and distribute this flyer to as many people as you can. Nothing bad can come of it, and you'll be surprised at how many people will call for small tasks to be done. You can include raking leaves, shoveling snow, and washing cars. Seasonal jobs like this are usually in high demand in their own season.

     Maybe you've been taught to knit or crochet? Spread your skill through word of mouth, or facebook, and tell people you're willing to make them things for small prices. Maybe in the winter you can advertise knitting scarves for people. You could tell all the girls you know that you can weave yarn into cute bracelets, necklaces, or earings. Small items like this can add up over time.

     Once you've got your flyer made, you can distribute it anywhere and everywhere to achieve the ultimate success. Ask teachers if you can hang copies of your flyer in their rooms. Ask your parents if they would take flyers to work, and distribute them among their co-workers. Using these methods is very effective, and you'll start bathing in cash in no time.

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Comments (1)

I would suggest some ways to earn money online :

PTC Paid to click programs :

Paid to click programs are the easiest ways of earning online which provides heaps of money in just few clicks. It works on clicking ads whenever, any one clicks those ads he will get paid according to the ad rates.

Selling products online on EBAY and AMAZON:

Selling goods online is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money, and teens have all capabilities to do it. EBAY and Amazon are most prominent online E-store where users buy and sell their products in reasonable prices.

Designing a LOGO to earn money:             

Teens are known for their creativity this is the reason why most they have vast knowledge about designing. they love to play with colors and prefer designing Logos. There are many online companies which require logo for their community and on this occasion teenagers can convert their talent into money by designing awesome logo. You can use the site  to make money by designing a logo .

Giving Lessons Online – Teaching:

Teenagers are capable enough to start their own online community. Where they can teach other on specific topics and can earn lavishly.

Earn Money By Answering Questions – Web Answers:

Webanswer is the most reliable and dedicated place for teenagers to make extra money by answering questions. Teens can select specific question categories and can give desirable answers. If the asker thinks that your answers are perfect enough then you will be paid for answering.

Earn money by doing Reseller business:

For reseller business, technical skills are not required. It is very easy and secure paid method business in online. . It is available at . Here, you need to create a reseller account before starting it. After that , you can sell domain,hosting plans,etc.and earn good money through it.